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Competencies in the landscaping sector are rare. For athletic fields it is important to have a thick, wear-resistant sod to ensure safety, good footing and a pleasant appearance at practice. The design and maintenance of such a turf depends on the type of grass used, the appropriate design and construction, good soil drainage, proper seedbed preparation, sufficient fertility and a maintenance system that understands the specific nature of the care involved. Our team has the expertise and technical experience needed to manage the many specific tasks necessary to effectively install and maintain sport fields. Athletic fields face unique challenges in the precision needed to satisfy both layout, slope, drainage, soil compaction, underlay and grass requirements. Athletic field design also involves earthmoving and fine grading abilities, drainage systems, thermal fluid systems for both fields and hardscapes, natural, hybrid and synthetic turf construction, irrigation systems, architectural paving and hardscapes, site furnishings, and long-term maintenance.

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For many years we have built and built custom golf and baseball field netting. Equipment and expertise in pole line construction along with a large pole and hardware inventory make easy turnkey installation possible. Our staff and the professional Outdoor Utilities team will help bring your next project to new sport netting heights.

We have experience in building winning surfaces and are committed to bringing the most up-to-date technology, durability and safety features into every area. We know how to respond to the needs of every sport with our advanced building skills in the field and our decades of experience in the synthetic turf market. Interestingly, we are the leaders of artificial grass design, used for parks and recreation. Our synthetic turf is customized to suit the needs of each sport.We sell a custom line of high-performance synthetic field material which Shaw Sports Turf manufactures. At the core of every single ground design are resilience, playability and defense. This team will help you determine the needs of the facility and the athletic area, and help you identify the right turf system. A collection of unique properties and principles make us a leader in the market for synthetic turf. We design field programs for you–not only is each field specifically tailored to the needs of your facility and the particular sport it supports, but the entire process itself is customized to you. To ensure that the needs of each industry are met, we offer tailor-made solutions that balance budget and performance, and the process is seamless.

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