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West palm beach, home to palm trees, warm ocean breezes, and a magic mouse that excites families around the world. It is also the sunny home for millions of people who need free time and save money, have homes to keep them dry, manage galore projects, and other clean-ups that may occur due to weather, animals, utilities, etc. Trust house cleaning services to the west palm beach when this happens. Our house cleaning services include water removal, after-party housekeeping maid cleaning, heating / fireplace soot cleaning, and more. It is possible to reach us 24 hours a day.

Do not be dismayed, and be confident that we will be there for all your cleaning needs. In a cleaner house, we use state-of – the-art technology. We’re the first company to introduce this. We are pioneers in reliable, regular house service for the most demanding households, including many children and animals. 

Our device absorbs up to 99.98 percent of microscopic allergens from the air through the filtration, as small as 0.29 microns. It also lowers the number of germs. This is one of many free house cleaning services that we offer at home or office cleaning. We will send you a notification after we have cleaned your home, asking you to rate your level of satisfaction on a scale from 1-10. Your rating will determine the pay level that will be earned directly by the two maids assigned to your house.

house cleaning services west palm beach

The performance plan pay provides our employees with a mentality of ownership and assures you that your opinion is important. The plan is unique to the cleaning industry and is the main reason for our brand’s explosive growth nationwide. Your satisfaction level determines how much pay is received by the two maids assigned to your home, creating an instant ownership mentality for our employees.

Our journey from a small start-up to a national brand began 16 years ago within a 250-square-foot office space. We’re representing most of the nation today and cleaning 500 homes a day. As a professional cleaning company in West Palm Beach, we have been cleaning homes and offices in Orange County and Seminole County for over a decade. Therefore your choice enables our customers to spend valuable time with their family and the things they enjoy. We are so proud to serve West Palm Beach commercial and residential clients. For our local community, all the surrounding treas are very important.

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